2012 Meteor Shower Photo Tours now up!!

Tree of the Desert, August 2011.

Tree of the Desert, August 2011.

Hi Everyone!

I have just released my first two nighttime / meteor shower workshops for 2012. The First is the annual Lyrid Meteor Shower, our destination is Shenandoah Naitonal Park, in Virginia. The second, is the Orionid Meteor Shower in October 2012  at Acadia National Park, in Maine. 

More information can be found at my website                  www.jeffberkesphotography.com


Colors of Autumn are Coming!


As August fades, and September’s cooler temperatures settle in, the leaves begin the final stages of their lives. We are all often in awe when the leaves change from a  lush green to a vibrant yellow, orange or red. It often raises questions such as, “Why do leaves change color in autumn?  Why do some trees turn yellow, orange and others red? How come the color varies in intensity from year to year?” Well what if I said the leaves are always yellow and orange and the green just covers it all up? It is true, these colors exist in the leaves all year and are covered up by the green chlorophyll.


The Fall Leaf Cycle starts at the end of summer with the shortening of the days and cooler nights. At that point, the trees do not receive enough light to produce food for themselves, and the production of chlorophyll is haulted.  Some trees that turn fire engine red, like a Maple ,

have glucose trapped inside it. A combination of sunlight, shade, and the cold nights help turn the glucose into this red color we see.  I have seen some of the most spectacular colors of my life in New England and along the Appalachian Trail. Shenandoah National Park offers some of the best vistas and hiking trails in the East! 

This picture was published in Popular Photography and Imaging Magazine October 2008. Itwas taken in Shenandoah National Park during a weekend camping expedition.


During the Winter, the tree will loose  it’s leaves so it can survive the harsh season ahead. My Autumn usually begins around the second week of September. The weather patterns seem to change and cooler air is filtered down like clockwork making beautiful fog-filled scenes at sunrise and sunset. Like this..

or this…

or this…

Even this morning, I was blessed with some nice low-lying fog and a beautiful  morning sun halo.

You are not just limited to photographing leaves and trees, you can also photograph activities that take place during this season, or incorporate them into your shot.

Riding Harley Davidson’s in New England.

 or fishing in Vermont..

Maybe all you need is a little good luck this fall!

I love taking hikes through Ricketts Glenn State Park in Pennsylvania! You can see so many beautiful waterfalls and thick forests filled with photo ops!

Check out the Green Mountains of Vermont!

Remembering 9/11


Tribute in  Lights over Lower Manhattan, NYC 2009

Pillars of Light

Empire State Building during 9/11 Tribute in Lights.

A young boy stands ontop of a NYFD Fire Engine waiving the flag of the United States over his head.

People pay their respects around the World Trade Center site daily


Fire Fighters Gear up at Ground Zero: 9.11.2009

Ground Zero/ 30 feet under.  The other month while working in ground zero an ancient ship was found. Yes a ship!!  It was burried under ground zero in the late 1800’s or so they say.. Thanks just crazy! 9/2009

A construction worker welds the i beams at Ground Zero, April 2010

Shenandoah: Land of Change


Shenandoah National Park

I have been traveling to the mountains of Shenandoah National Park  for over 10 years now ang each time I go to the park it has something new to offer me.  Beauty seems to peak out of every crack in the ground and through every gap in the trees and all  in ways of which you have never seem. The colors in Big Meadows this particular morning  have never appeared so vibrant and alive.  I spent just over 24hours in the park and captures over 1,000 frames… more to come soon…….

This image was taken during sunrise October 25th, 2009