WARNING! Sunset Sky Show Tonight!

Sunset Sky Show -  The Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Sunset Sky Show - The Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter

For the second night in a row we will be able to witness a Celestial Triangle in the western skies around sunset.  Tonight, (Feb. 26th, 2012)  the Moon and Jupiter will be near to each other with Venus shinning bright just below them. The clouds and 50 mph wind gusts last night worried me some,  but the weather worked out perfectly. The clouds actually added a little flavor to this photo.
Where should you look tonight?
Look to the west just after sunset and you will see the “trio” piercing the sunset colors.  The best time is to check it out is 15 – 30 minutes after sunset.  The ambient light is much lower making the objects really stand out.
**UPDATE**   –      February 26th, 2012   –   “THE REUNION”
I decided to head out again Sunday night for a follow up appointment with the celestial triangle. I did some time lapse photography and still last night. The video will be available shortly. Here is a photo from the “firepit” last night.  The exposure is a couple hours long. Note all of the air-traffic.
Firepit and Celestial Triangle


Jeff Berkes Photography just got a drastic overhaul on the website! New and improved galleries make viewing all  galleries faster and more enjoyable!

Whats new with the website?

Well, just about everything! The entire format has changed, litterally. The “image collection” has a brand new format with large thumbnails. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge it, see captions and descriptions for each image, click on that image again to return to the thumbnail gallery, simple right?

 The “Photo Tours” page has up to date information on 2012 workshops! As of now there are two (2) Nighttime / Meteor Shower Workshops planned for 2012, with others being added in this Spring. The “Exploring America”  Photo Tour page  has two (2) Adventures planned for August and September, one visiting Arches, Canyonlands National Parks, as well as Deadhorse State Park.  The other Tour will be in Yellowstone National Park – Geysers, Landscape and Wildlife.

Hope you enjoy the new design!  If you happen to find any errors please inform us, so we can fix any issue asap! Thanks in advance.. Feedback is always much appreciated!

2012 Meteor Shower Photo Tours now up!!

Tree of the Desert, August 2011.

Tree of the Desert, August 2011.

Hi Everyone!

I have just released my first two nighttime / meteor shower workshops for 2012. The First is the annual Lyrid Meteor Shower, our destination is Shenandoah Naitonal Park, in Virginia. The second, is the Orionid Meteor Shower in October 2012  at Acadia National Park, in Maine. 

More information can be found at my website                  www.jeffberkesphotography.com

Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Thursday Night!

The Leonids are back!  Tomorrow night into Friday morning you can expect to see rates  between 20-50/hr. Some experts have said there could some a couple outbursts this year to around 200/hr , but that won’t favor the United States and with the moon, even worst. We are now reaching the winter months, it can get pretty cold out and clouds can dominate the landscape.  This year the moon will rise around midnight, but don’t let that keep you inside!  There will be plenty of time in the evening hours with darker skies for the first half of the shower. When the moon rises it will then  interfere with the meteor shower, but it won’t wash them all away. Leonid Fireballs are likely and I will be there when one falls.

Falling Star over Haleakala Crater - Maui, HI

 It’s going down into the 20’s tomorrow night where I live. Remember to dress warm! Bring gloves, insulated boots, blankets, hats, fluids, camping chairs, cameras, tripods and some snacks!  I would say meteor rates will be around 20 /hr with some sporadic bright fireballs. Let’s hope the weather is on my side!

Fall back, Spring into Action!

A strong front has just passed allowing cold Canadian air to rush into our region. Temps will go down int the low 40’s tonight for the first time in a long time.  It has reminded me of a trip I take every year to document the changing of colors in New England.  It has got me pretty pumped because as a landscape and nature photographer I have weeks of amazing photo ops ahead of me. If you are a hardcore outdoor photographer like me, you can chase the colors for over a month, or even two! 

Here are some recent photographs I have taken in Vermont during peak conditions the last 2 years.

Morning Fog in North Dorset, VT.

Mountain Waterfall. Central Vermont

Green Mountains , Vermont

Arlington, VT

Shark Fin Pond, VT

Vermont Birch Tree – Green Mountains, VT

Moss Glen Falls, VT

Manchester, VT

Final Light – Manchester, VT

To view more of my American Landscapes visit me at    www.jeffberkesphotography.com

Hurricane Irene Looks to Punish the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast This Weekend! This time I don’t think Mother Nature is Folding on this one.

I have grow up watching and chasing severe weather, for fun, and for somewhat of a living… I have seen many “potential” Hurricane’s and have survived a CAT 3/4 in Florida in 2004….  But this is actually making me as nervous as I am anxious.  I know it’s coming and I know it’s going to hit Cape May Point, NJ.. hard. I’m just a little cautious this time.. We will see how the storm developes over the next 24 hours and then I will make the final call.  Even if the storm doesn’t make a NJ landfall the Tropical Force and Hurricane Force winds will extend far from the center of Irene. I expect to hear about this storm for a long time. East Coast.. Get ready.. It’s going to happen this time.

You can see in this last Image that the “projected location for Irene” ..  The isobars (wind gradient) is wrapped in a bullseye over Southern Jersey, more specifically, directly over  Cape May Point, NJ Sunday August 28th, 2011.. A famous date for Hurricanes. Destructive Winds heavy rain, tornadoes, waterpouts, storm surge and coastal flooding is likely. . Keep yourself updated by watching TWC and your local news stations.Or through my Facebook as I will be posting live updates from the coast. The effects will reach far inland, so  millions of people could be without power and under-water. Cell phones most likely will not work and land lines should be used. CB’s etc.. This storm could make Floyd look like a joke. Be Safe.. More updates can be found on my Facebook Photography page “Jeff Berkes Photography”  Thanks and be safe!  I’ll plan on being at Cape May Point area by Saturday Early Am.

Another Winter Storm Headed For Philadelphia Next Week.


UPDATE: 1.22.2011

Major Winter Storm Arriving Tuesday or Wednesday!

The track is unknown until we see where the center developes.  This is the situation:

1. If the Low tracks closer to the coast we could see a change over from snow to a mixture of snow, sleet and  freezing rain. Areas inland will see higher snow totals because of that.

2. If the Low is further off the coast. The air will remain cold enough and heavy amounts of snow will fall along the I-95 corridor.  As the storm nears, winds will intensify, creating blizzard  conditions which in result will cause downed trees and powerlines. Snow totals could range  anywhere between 6″inches  and  2 feet!! Keep an eye on my blog for future udpates!

Storm Track 1.

Storm Track 2.


 Yet another Winter Storm will impact us early next week. This one could have the potential to dump over 12″ of snow, maybe 2 feet! There is also the down side of receiving a wintry mix, or just plain rain. Let’s hope the storm stays off the coast just enough to keep us in the snow and get the big stuff! The track is uncertain as always, but one thing for sure is this storm is going to be a monster!

Here is the latest forecast model for Sunday, January 23rd, 2010. The yellow line is the potential track of the storm for next week. 

Some models have this thing exploding into a monster as it rides up the coast. This is going to be a significant weather event for millions of people. Keep your eye on your local forecast over the weekend. Just like a rain dance, a snow dance is always encouraged!