Close Encounter in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone's Black Wolf


During my first visit in Yellowstone it wasn’t hard to find wildlife… at least not for me.  I saw everything from Eagles to grizzly bears. This particular morning near Lamar Valley, I pulled over at a lookout spot where dozens of people  with spotting scopes trying to find the majestic Yellowstone wolves. The group had gazed over Lamar Valley the past 3 mornings with no lucky of spotting a wolf. I decided to hike back down the road 1/4 mile to where I saw an Eagle sitting in a nest. I had to venture off into the field so I could get closer for a decent shot when I felt a force over my shoulder. I turned around and saw a black wolf jogging over the hill to my right. I instantly stopped dead in my tracks and focused all of my attention on this wolf running right at me. I quickly realized I am 1/4 mile away from my car with a full-grown wolf, 300 feet away.  The only thing I could think of was to keep taking pictures, and so I did just that. At about 190ft, the wolf stopped and stared at me for several seconds sniffing the air. He posed for another 20 seconds, turned around and left.  It was a wonderful experience out in the wild with a black wolf, and live to tell about it. I had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, it was one wildlife encounter I will think about forever.


7 responses to “Close Encounter in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

  1. How incredible! Good thing the Grizzly wasn’t running toward you instead of the wolf! Wolves are usually shy and not aggressive, grizzlies, not so much! Yellowstone is indeed a magical place- I love the contrast in the picture of the black wolf and the yellow grasses. Picture depicts the “lone wolf” metaphor, black on gold- king of yellowstone! Happy trails!

    • Well put! I don’t think he realized I was there, and when he did, he turned around and left. It took me ten minutes to see something that this group hasn’t seen in 3 days! Love Yellowstone and can’t wait to go back.

      • Glad you had such a great experience! When we went to Yellowstone, with the first 15 minutes after our arrival, I got a picture of what I thought was a wolf! I was so excited – couldn’t wait to show someone! We went to the ranger station and I proudly showed the ranger. He smiled and said in a very nice manner- “sorry to burst your bubble Miss, but that’s not one of our wolves, that’s just a local coyote!” Your wolf is magnificent!

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