Major Winter Storm this Weekend?

Winter has been hard to find across the US this year. That may change this weekend as a possible Nor’Easter is on the horizon. As always, there are a few factors that play into this.. #1. Will the two storms collide and explode, #2 – Will there be enough cold air in place to support snow, # 3 –  The storm Track.  Here are the visuals curiosity of The Weather Channel.

The Ingredients for the Storm are here –

The southern and northern storms need to combine “Phase” over the lower US and ride up the coast.  The Low(s) will rapidly intensify (bombing out) creating one mega snowstorm for parts of the Northeast.

Scenario #1 – The main LP explodes in the mid-atlantic and northeast, moving up into New England.

The southern tier storms could turn north along the coast and combine with the northern tier storm, creating a full-blown blizzard.

Scenario #2

Depending if the Storm tracks north or not is one thing. The other is the exact storm track. How far inland is the low? Does it graze the coast? is it 40 miles off the coast? This decides where there will be enough cold air to support snow. South /East of the Low Pressure (LP) will see rain. North and east of the Low Pressure will see the heavy snow and often thundersnow.

Scenario #3 –  If the southern storm moves east and out to sea.. There would be no storm at that point. We need the energy of these two systems to combine and explode up the coast and we would need the storm to stay just off the coast, keeping the “Snow line” east of the I-95 corridor.

With that in Mind –

The possibilities are here and you should keep an eye on this for the next couple of days. You remember all the snow in the northeast the last couple of years including “Snowmageddon”, right? Scenario #1 is needed for a big snowstorm. We won’t know until around Saturday what will happen with this storm. I wish for a powerhouse nor’easter every year, so I want it to snow like there is no tomorrow. But time will tell. So many things need to happen in order for an epic storm to form. We know all to well that these storms are a staple for winter in the Northeastern US, now I am “wishing / hoping” we get “the Blizzard of 2012”

Snowstorms of the Past.

Deadly Snowstorm of  March 1993.

(Above) This could be Scenario #1 – Winter storms should never be taken lightly. Mother Nature should NEVER be taken lightly.

Pictures from recent Blizzards –

New Jersey 2010.

New Jersey 2010. Pennsylvania - February 2010 Christmas Storm 2010.


Snowmageddon - Southeastern Pennsylvania

Snowmageddon - Southeastern Pennsylvania

Nor'Easter Camping

Nor'Easter CampingA lot of people call me crazy, but to me, it's just like waking up and drinking coffee (and I do not drink coffee). I live for weather like this. I have camped in blizzards with my 4 season tent (as shown) where my tent has had 35" of snow on it and 60mph wind gusts blasts the walls of my shelter, temperatures in the teens with wind chills way below zero. For me it's all about the experience and just being out in the worst weather mother nature has to offer, I take the pictures so I can reflect on my adventures and share them with everyone who well... doesn't have that interest in braving the elements. Winter's Wrath

Snow on the Coast

Snow on the Coast32" of snow and 50-60mph winds gusts created unique drifts, in some unusual spots. Snowmageddon - West Chester , PA

Snowmageddon - West Chester , PA

Snowmageddon - West Chester , PA

A couple of college students venture out into the blizzard to get some coffee. What does this photo make you think of?
Ice Night

Ice Night

 Freezing rain gathers on anything it come in contact with.
Snowmageddon 2009

Snowmageddon 2009

 Keep your eyes on the TWC and local new stations as we watch these storms move across the US.

The January 11-12th, 2011 Blizzard

For the most part this Nor’easter let Philadelphia off the hook. While snowfall totals ranged between 5-8inches around Philly, creating hazardous driving conditions…  the heaviest snow occurred over New England with 2 – 3 feet of snow being recorded in several States including, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH and Maine. I was really hoping for at least 2 feet from this one…The season is young so who knows what old man winter has in store for us for the months to come. Here are some photo from the Blizzard on 1.11-12.2011. Thanks and enjoy!


Roads became dangerous to drive on for most vechiles. Still needs to be safe! Don’t take picture’s while you are driving!

Downtown West Chester with heavy snow. January 12th, 2011

Sparks fly up from the plow as it throws 7″ inches of snow to the curb!


My favorite thing about snow is it’s ability to tranform any place, urban or scenic into an entirely new landscape. Can’t forget that beautiful scenery! January 12th, 2011.

Over 800 Photos were taken during the blizzard.

After the “Winter Powerhouse” last weekend, Another Storm is Brewing.


Tuesday night…. and the snow is falling once again. We have 3″ new inches on the ground and we are expecting between 18-28+ inches throught Wednesday night.. We only need another 3 inches to break our snowfall record since they first started keeping records in the 1800’s. Get ready for another intense winter powerhouse.  Check back for pictures and video of the last two Nor’Easters soon.

Check out this video I took at 5am as heavy snow bands with thundersnow roared in.



As I finish up covering the Blizzard of 2010,  more Winter Storm Warnings are posted for our area around Philadelphia . We just received 30″ of snow Friday into Saturday. Now we are expecting another 15-24″ Tuesday night into Wednesday. The last storm was epic, this storm will just add insult to injury for many in the area. My gear is still out and ready to go. Snow will start Tuesday afternoon and conitnue through Wednesday night.

Yet Another Nor’Easter Coming Our Way


UPDATE 2.5.2010

I am making my way down towards southern New Jersey where I will spend the weekend camping in the heavy snow and strong winds.  I will also be documenting  the heavy snow and strong winds associated with this monster Nor’Easter and it’s effect on our landscape and societies. I will try to give updates when possible. The National Weather Service is expecting 18-24″ of snow with 60mph winds. Blizzard Warning are in place and it looks to be a long night.. and a long weekend for many.




So Far this year we have received close to 40 inches of snow and with a Coastal Storm set for Friday evening into Saturday night we could exceed 60″. Yes, the possibility of 12-20 inches isn’t out of the question. This looks a lot like the December, 19th storm where snowfall total could exceed 20inches. This will cause major disruptions through out the watch area.  Winter Storm Watches are already posted from South Carolina into Maryland with the potential for more watches being added by the end of the night thru New York City.   

The major snow event should start sometime Friday afternoon preparations should be made no later than  Friday morning.

Winter Storm On The Horizon (UPDATED)

UPDATE  2.2.2010 

Snowfall Totals:  West Chester, PA –  1.8″ ,  Vineland, NJ – 4″ ,  Woodbine, NJ – 7″  , Cape May Point, NJ – 11″

UPDATE  1.30.2010

Winter’s  triple threat is spreading snow a little further north than initially expected yesterday.  This means 3-6″ of snow now for Dover, DE and south, and the southern tip of New Jersey (Cape May). If the snow continues to spread north we could find ourselves with 1-3″ of snow. It’s is amazing how less than 50 miles makes a huge difference. Stay tuned and be prepared for changing road conditions if the snow begins to fall.

UPDATE 1.28.2010 Forecast from 1.28.2009

Since the last forecast on January 26th a few things have changed. It appears that the Low Pressure will take a more easterly track instead of turning north towards the Delmarva. This means the difference in seeing 5-8 inches and no inches.  A minor adjustment in the storm track is crucial and as of now it looks like Virginia and North Carolina will see the majority of the precipitation with the Eastern Shore of Maryland picking up some potential snow in the Assateague National Seashore…but with weather you never know. Stay tuned.

Forecast from 1.26/2010

Current Forecasts Continue To Call For A Slow Moving  Pacific Winter Storm Moving From The Southern California Coast Across The Heart Of New Mexico Early Wednesday Through Friday. Forecasts Also Show A Cold Front Plunging Southward Across The Eastern Plains On Thursday Which Will Bring Cold Air In Place For Snow Or A Change Over To Snow or Freezing Rain In Most Areas Along The Texas Panhandle and Northern Texas.

However; This Storm Is Also Forecasted To Intensify As It Moves East Into The Tennesse Valley And For The Cities of DC , Philadelphia, New York City and Boston You Could Find Yourself In A Nor’Easter By The End Of The Week. Stay Tuned For More Information.

Current Forecast for West Chester, PA:

Friday Night: 40% Chance of snow.  Low 13                                Saturday: 60% Chance of Snow.  High. 26                                            Saturday Night: 40% Chance of Snow. Low 15