Combining Seasons – An October Nor’Easter 2011

Here are a couple of pictures I took while out Saturday during the 100 year storm.  I have always wanted to combine the seasons of Fall and Winter into one photograph, but conditions never worked out no matter where I was during the fall.  It could not have been any better than this past weekend.  The fall foliage was at it’s peak when this storm hit. Six inches of heavy wet  snow gave tremendous contrast to the vibrant colors in Autumn.

Chester Creek, Pennsylvania.

The yellow leaves on this tree stand out from the monochromatic landscape.

 The combination of the heavy wet snow on trees that are still bearing leaves made for dangerous and deadly conditions. This tree had just split across the road as we pulled up.  While standing out there I heard four seperate trees cracking and falling to the ground.  Needless to say, we couldn’t enter the state park because the road was littered in trees. A park ranger and I continued north under the tree to the enterance of the park. If I was going to continue it was going to have to be on foot.

I have driven 100 miles in a full blown Nor’Eatser, i’ve camped in 60mph wind gusts and 30″ of snowfall. I was more scared of this storm than any other winter storm I have documented over the last 10 years.

Sadly, at least 18 people have lost their lives in this historic storm.  Many of  them could have been avoided and some of them were just bad luck. You should now prep yourself on what you need to do to stay safe this winter. It could be a long one, and it’s still 6 weeks away from the starting line.



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