Fall back, Spring into Action!

A strong front has just passed allowing cold Canadian air to rush into our region. Temps will go down int the low 40’s tonight for the first time in a long time.  It has reminded me of a trip I take every year to document the changing of colors in New England.  It has got me pretty pumped because as a landscape and nature photographer I have weeks of amazing photo ops ahead of me. If you are a hardcore outdoor photographer like me, you can chase the colors for over a month, or even two! 

Here are some recent photographs I have taken in Vermont during peak conditions the last 2 years.

Morning Fog in North Dorset, VT.

Mountain Waterfall. Central Vermont

Green Mountains , Vermont

Arlington, VT

Shark Fin Pond, VT

Vermont Birch Tree – Green Mountains, VT

Moss Glen Falls, VT

Manchester, VT

Final Light – Manchester, VT

To view more of my American Landscapes visit me at    www.jeffberkesphotography.com


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