Hurricane Irene Looks to Punish the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast This Weekend! This time I don’t think Mother Nature is Folding on this one.

I have grow up watching and chasing severe weather, for fun, and for somewhat of a living… I have seen many “potential” Hurricane’s and have survived a CAT 3/4 in Florida in 2004….  But this is actually making me as nervous as I am anxious.  I know it’s coming and I know it’s going to hit Cape May Point, NJ.. hard. I’m just a little cautious this time.. We will see how the storm developes over the next 24 hours and then I will make the final call.  Even if the storm doesn’t make a NJ landfall the Tropical Force and Hurricane Force winds will extend far from the center of Irene. I expect to hear about this storm for a long time. East Coast.. Get ready.. It’s going to happen this time.

You can see in this last Image that the “projected location for Irene” ..  The isobars (wind gradient) is wrapped in a bullseye over Southern Jersey, more specifically, directly over  Cape May Point, NJ Sunday August 28th, 2011.. A famous date for Hurricanes. Destructive Winds heavy rain, tornadoes, waterpouts, storm surge and coastal flooding is likely. . Keep yourself updated by watching TWC and your local news stations.Or through my Facebook as I will be posting live updates from the coast. The effects will reach far inland, so  millions of people could be without power and under-water. Cell phones most likely will not work and land lines should be used. CB’s etc.. This storm could make Floyd look like a joke. Be Safe.. More updates can be found on my Facebook Photography page “Jeff Berkes Photography”  Thanks and be safe!  I’ll plan on being at Cape May Point area by Saturday Early Am.


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