Lake Effect Snow Machine Cranks Up!!

The Lake Effect Snow Machine is cranking out feet of snow in many locations, some locations will get over 3 feet of snow. Some areas have recorded it snowing for more than 75 hours. With a new, “more powerful” storm on the horizon for this upcoming weekend there is no tell when the snow may end. Not only the possibility for a major snow event for the East Coast, the coldest air of the season will plummet behind the biggest storm of the year! Enhancing even more lake effect snow on top of the initial storm! This winter is looking like it could be a repeat of last year, and if so, I am looking forward to it!  Here are some photos taken yesterday December 6th, 2010 from Edinboro, PA just south of Erie.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos by Matt Simons. (Chewy Simons). Thanks Matt!  Hope you camera survived the intense snow and wind!


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