Haleakala: House of the Sun

 Haleakala sits quitely on the Hawiian Island of Maui. The summit of Haleakala rises to 10,023ft and it is the highest point on Maui. If you were to  measure Haleakala from it’s base at the bottom of the ocean floor,  it measures an incredible 25,000+ feet.  Area: Haleakala Crater measures 19 sq. miles and is over 3,000 feet deep. Many trails lead into the crater and there is also back-country camping inside the crater. (Make reservations 1 year in advance!)

The view into the crater is spectacular from either summit overlook. The best way to explore the crater is to get right in the middle of it.

As whaling began to die in Lahaina in the mid 1860’s, a new industry arose to take its place – sugar. This island once thrived off of sugar, now where plantation camps stood, and families once carved out their lifestyle, modern subdivisions now stand. It’s a shame to see building blocks of the past crumble in the wind.


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      I actually not sure what you mean about the “processing”, but now looking at my mobil upload this morning I see a bunch of lines in the photos.. Is that what you are talking about? Must be from the mobile upload…

      I didn’t do any processing to this image. no color correction, no cropping, no photoshop work.. it’s the RAW file 🙂


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