After the “Winter Powerhouse” last weekend, Another Storm is Brewing.


Tuesday night…. and the snow is falling once again. We have 3″ new inches on the ground and we are expecting between 18-28+ inches throught Wednesday night.. We only need another 3 inches to break our snowfall record since they first started keeping records in the 1800’s. Get ready for another intense winter powerhouse.  Check back for pictures and video of the last two Nor’Easters soon.

Check out this video I took at 5am as heavy snow bands with thundersnow roared in.



As I finish up covering the Blizzard of 2010,  more Winter Storm Warnings are posted for our area around Philadelphia . We just received 30″ of snow Friday into Saturday. Now we are expecting another 15-24″ Tuesday night into Wednesday. The last storm was epic, this storm will just add insult to injury for many in the area. My gear is still out and ready to go. Snow will start Tuesday afternoon and conitnue through Wednesday night.


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