Yet Another Nor’Easter Coming Our Way


UPDATE 2.5.2010

I am making my way down towards southern New Jersey where I will spend the weekend camping in the heavy snow and strong winds.  I will also be documenting  the heavy snow and strong winds associated with this monster Nor’Easter and it’s effect on our landscape and societies. I will try to give updates when possible. The National Weather Service is expecting 18-24″ of snow with 60mph winds. Blizzard Warning are in place and it looks to be a long night.. and a long weekend for many.




So Far this year we have received close to 40 inches of snow and with a Coastal Storm set for Friday evening into Saturday night we could exceed 60″. Yes, the possibility of 12-20 inches isn’t out of the question. This looks a lot like the December, 19th storm where snowfall total could exceed 20inches. This will cause major disruptions through out the watch area.  Winter Storm Watches are already posted from South Carolina into Maryland with the potential for more watches being added by the end of the night thru New York City.   

The major snow event should start sometime Friday afternoon preparations should be made no later than  Friday morning.


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