Unseasonably Warm Weather Invades the Northeast with Thunderstorms


January Thunderstorm

Dark Storm Clouds over Farm

January 25th, 2010.  

Above:  A  few pictures as the northern edge of the squall line closed in on my position. (2:14pm EST)

  A strong  low pressure system is scooping moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and throwing up north  along the eastern seaboard bringing very heavy rain, strong winds and the possibility of thunderstorms to Southeastern PA .  An Areal flood warning was issued for our area until 8pm EST because copious amounts of rain had fallen overnight and conitues to fall the following morning.  A few isolated thunderstorms formed along the back edge of the leading precipitaion aroudn 12:15pm this afternoon.  I anticipated this squall line to move across my area within the next two hours. With that in mind I packed my gear and hooked up the radar in my car and went out to find a good location to view the approaching storm. The temperature hit 63 degrees today by Saturday we will be struggeling to get out of the 20’s.

Other Severe Storm pictures can be found at   www.jeffberkesphotography.com


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